Monday, 12 May 2014

The state of student accommodation

Well, if you thought students have an easy life, think again.

These days students are borrowing thousands to pay for somewhere to live to do there studies. Sure unipol etc have come up with a few rules for landlords to adhere to but these are just some rules and do not cover the overall condition of a house.

I think when you are paying 50+ for a room in a house you should be expected to get a nice kitchen, nice bathroom and some decent decoration. To many houses are simply thrown together by some handyman from bristol.

I mention Bristol as that is where I live and I shall name and shame my property. It is in the student quarter of the city and on a main road, about half way up. Thats all I will give away. Would you want to rent this place? No is your answer. Why not? Because the furniture looks like somebody else has already thrown it out. The kitchen looks like it was taken from a caravan and the bathroom, well I never knew you could ever buy a sweet in dark brown. That is not sarcasm either the bath, sink and w/c all match in dark brown.

Now I think all landlords with ageing properties no that one day these things will need to be modernised. Why not do it now, if you do not I hope your house does not rent next year!!

A decent handyman in Bristol is not hard to find, with all the sales on at big builders depots bathrooms and kitchens have come down a lot in price. So do yourself a favour and stop being tight!!